Saturday, February 26, 2011


One day, my husband suggested I go to the library near where we lived, as they were having a meeting for women in business. He thought it might be a good idea to network with other business women, since I worked with him in business.

The meeting started promptly at 7 PM. Attending late, I found a seat tightly squeezed between others around a large conference table. To my astonishment, the meeting was being conducted by a well known psychic who is an astrologer and two of her assistants.

As soon as I was seated I heard the psychic say to one woman,  "your husband is going to make a move shortly. "Will I be making the move with him?" the lady asked. The  astrologer said, "No my dear, I am afraid not." I saw the sadness of the lady's face and I became annoyed being there. I wanted to get up from my seat, however it would have caused everyone on my side to get up to make room for me to leave.

The astrologer went on with other people saying "you will be coming into money" Or ' Did you have an accident lately?" All I could think about was being angry with my husband to suggest coming to this meeting. Although he was unaware the entertainment was about astrology.

 Each person had to submit their birthdays, time of birth, and their name. When it was my turn, I wanted to run out the door fast. I did not want to hear gloom and doom  besides I thought it was just pure nonsense.

"You're coming into a lot of money" she said to me. "Sure" I thought. I get checks coming in every day from our business. That is a no brainier. There were two young girls behind her who were reading my charts and passing the information to her. She just froze and shook a little. I did not like their expressions. "Do you have a female in your life?" was another question. "Of course, " I said, thinking everyone has a female in their lives. "May I ask who they are, please" "Well", I said, " my mother who is ill with asthma, my daughter who is away at college, my new daughter in law, and a new girl friend of my older son. I have two female dogs.

"Okay everyone, lets take a break" she said without finishing my reading. She aroused my curiosity and I did not like it one bit. In those days, almost everyone was smoking. During the break, I went over to her and asked how much she charged. She said she gets $50 for half hour. "Why would anyone pay you so much money to find out about terrible things? You make us all feed bad" I said. Her answer was that many people are in relationships and do not know how it will turn out. Some news are better than others.

"Please tell me why my reading shook you up" I asked. "Don't worry" she said as she was patting me on my back. "Everything will be alright" "What is going to be alright" I demanded. At that moment people came up to us and asked the astrologer questions. She drifted away from me. I went to her assistants  asking them about my reading. "It's okay, don't worry. They did not tell me. I left the library feeling very uneasy, convincing myself it was all nonsense.

The next evening, I went shopping with a friend who's daughter went to the same  sleep a way camp as mine.  We were buying candy and goodies to bring to camp on visiting day that coming weekend.  We stopped for coffee and chatted awhile when suddenly I had a terrible thought in my mind. I imagined someone was hanging from the ceiling of our circular stairway at home. I could not see an image but it was unbelievably real. I excused myself and asked that we leave at once. I just had to get home.

As soon as I opened the door my husband  sadly told me horrible news. Pixie, our adorable female dog  died.. My husband put our poodle, Coco and Pixie, a terrier poodle mix together outside on our sun deck off our sitting room. He tied Pixie on a long leash because she caused damage to our glass pane doors.

There were shootings and fireworks behind our house. Pixie obviously wanted to escape and forgot she was tied up and jumped over the railing. She fatally hung herself. Pixie was my daughter's dog. Cocoa was the family's dog.

I remember shopping for a dog with my daughter.  She wanted a little dog of her own.  Kennel after kennel  and no dog with a chemistry to take home.  I remember her saying, "what do you mean you have to pick a dog with chemistry. She would have picked any dog.   Sure enough my daughter found the one we both loved and took her home.

The following day we went to my daughter's camp on visiting day and didn't  tell her about what happened to her dog. We thought it best to wait till she came home. In the arts and craft shack, my daughter showed us a beautiful leather collar she made for Pixie with her name painted on it.

The following Monday back at our home, I got a call from my mother, who at that time always called me collect."Iris, I am mailing you a check I got from winning a court case. I want you to have it" Thinking of what happened to Pixie and the psychic  telling me I was coming into money, I responded "Mom, put it in your account. When I come to Florida to visit you, we will decide what to do with the money" I was so nervous about the chain of events. I was feared if she gave me the money something bad would happened to her. For years my mother has been in and out of the hospitals frequently. I also was concerned for my daughter, daughter in law and any other female in my life.

During that week my head was spinning. Shopping in town, I recognized one of the ladies who was at that library meeting. I never saw her before  nor after that day. Approaching her, I asked if she believed in that psychic crap. She asked me if I had a few moments and suggested we go across the street to Burger King for coffee. This is how she answered me. " I am an art collector. I was being sued for a lot of money it was bothering me so I went to a psychic who said I was going to lose big. But in no time flat you will make it back 10 fold"

 She continued, "About a few months later a dealer called asking for a painting she  had in the attack  thinking it would never get sold." She got 10 fold back. Ever since that time she goes to a psychic whenever she has a need to do so.  I told her my story and asked what she thought.  Was it all a coincidence?  "No" she said,  "by  you refusing to take her money, you may have stopped the chain of events of what could have happened to another female in your life"

Next week  My missing diamond and why astrologers, psychics and tarot card readers can be taken seriously

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marlene said...

hi iris. its me again. marlene my stepdad took care of his father most of his adult life. they lived together, and when the older gentleman became elderly, my stepdad's devotion became even more intense. finally finally finally he listened to more practical heads and placed his dad in a senior home-where much to his loving dismay-he actually flourished and interacted with his peers and loved living. and then one day, much later on, he died. it was a beautiful day on the day of his funeral. clear skies and sun. after everyone walked away, he and my mother said their final goodbyes. as my stepdad said,"good bye, pop" and they started to turn to walk away, there was a loud clap of thunder (literally out of the blue) that shook them up. p.s. my stepdad was an electrician. so, i too, am a believer in the unexplained. and i don't mind keeping it that way. sincerely, marlene