Monday, June 13, 2011


Geraldo Rivera shocked viewers once again tonight on Fox News. I was always a fan of his, as I thought he had a brilliant mind. But tonight I was shocked to hear his opposition on the death penalty of Casey Anthony because she only killed one child and not many others. He said we should save the death penalty for those who kill several people.

His contention was that little Caylee was never mistreated prior, always looked well taken care of and did not appear to have been tortured. I have some questions. How does he know so much about Caylee that he was so sure she was never abused? The fact that Casey probably chloroformed her daughter taping her mouth so her cries would not be heard could have been very often. Wouldn't that be abuse? Too bad he does not know other horrors that perhaps only God knew what  Casey might have done to that poor child. Just because he did not see any scars or bruises, how does he know they might have been hidden inside of her?

Researching various web sites on  "How many parents chloroform their kids each year ".  answered 19 thousand.  Many, unlike Casey researched it on the Internet making sure it was safe.  In Casey's case, she researched it however her intent was to kill her daughter by applying duct tape on her mouth and nose to end her little life. And to end it sweetly, she drew a heart shape on the tape covering her little mouth.

Many rely on Snopes for their answers:  Knocking kids out with chloroform? -authors - Last post: Oct 26, 2008 stated " But I have never heard any tale of chloroform, and if that were happening commonly, would there not be many dead children or children in ERs " Thus the parents feel chlorform is safe.  Snopes said so

 In the British Journel, "These and numberless  instances proving that there are without doubt two sets of cases in which lives are endangered or lost, where the heart's action is stopped, and when the breathing ceases. PARENTS TAKE NOTE.  Stop giving your kids sleeping pills or chloroform to make your life easier.

I will assume Geraldo got his information from Casey's parents, watching videos of Caylee smiling and having fun playing with mommy. But what happened after the camera was turned off the child and the doors were closed? Further, a mother like Casey who acted the way she did, partying, the many lies, and deceiving her family, knowing her child recently died can only mean she is psychotic. If so how did she become psychotic? What kind of abuse did she endure to have made her that way? Is her family guilty as well? Who knows the evil horror Casey went through in her childhood? With that said, that is not enough to set her free. There are too many children today being abused and killed by their parents. It is time to send a message. "If they die, you die!

Is Geraldo sending messages to unstable sick parents saying it is okay to kill your child? " Don't worry, you wont get the death penalty. Our system will pay for your legal team to get you off. We will just let you say one lie after another to cause doubt, and perhaps get you off with a mental illness."

Why couldn't Geraldo simply say, Casey is psychotic, probably has a split personality and must be committed to an institution for 5 yrs and therefore not be sentenced to death.

Anyone remember the book Sybil?. She had 16 separate multiple split personalities caused by serious abuse by her mentally ill mother. She looked well fed, well clothed. No one knew the hidden scars within her. Her mother gave her enemas frequently until water came out of her mouth. She inserted sharp objects into her private parts, and many more horrific acts of abuse. Read the book, It was also a movie back in 1976

Jaycee Lee Dugard appeared normal as well as her children. No one thought anything wrong until one day someone got suspicious of the unkept looking children.  Jaycee and her children were returned to her family after 18 years of enslavement and rape.

Read my blog September , 2009 on Jaycee Lee Dugard watch video and pictures

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Thursday, June 2, 2011


While recuperating from my recent illness, I developed writers block. To stop being self absorbed with feeling tired all the time, I started reading my emails from faithful readers. One comes to mind. Her name is Marlene. She titled her email "BASHERT" Marlene mentioned she visited a town unexpectedly, and on the street she met a Chassidic man who approached her. After discussing who he was and where he came from, it turned out he was a grandson of a Cantor she knew in her home town. It was Bashert she took that path on the street to meet someone from Jewish Geography.

BASHERT means “fate” a word most Jewish people use pertaining to fate. When people don't have an answer to why something happened, they say its bashert. Or perhaps a coincidence occurs, they say it is bashert. They romanticize, for example, the whole idea of a guy and a girl meeting. It was fate that put them together. Gentiles also like to think that relationships come from fate, but they don't put quite as much stock in it as Jews do. To find the right mate, gentiles think you have to travel around a lot, meet people, join three hundred singles groups, vacation with Club Med, attend a matching session, go to another group, then to a singles bar. Finally, you meet someone. And they say "that is fate."

We have all heard of Jewish geography. Put ten people in a room, find out where they are from, and mention some people you know from their town and for sure they will know someone.

BASHERT: When I was a teenager, I decided after going to Camp Olympus for seven years I 'd try Camp Na Sho Pa. It was Bashert I picked that camp as that is where I met my husband.

BASHERT: In my previous blogs on Psychics, it was Bashert when I could not go to the beach that warm day and had to finish cleaning my garage. It was Bashert I found my lost diamond ring on the floor missing for several months. (Read my past blog on "HOW I FOUND MY LOST TREASURE." March 6, 2011)

BASHERT: My son did not want to go to college and wanted to find himself climbing a mountain and learn how to survive in the wilderness all for $1000. Although I was against it, my husband said he should get it out of his system. He paid the fee. Worried about what kind of idiots he might meet there, it was Bashert, they were all medical students, chiropractors and doctors. He was the youngest in the group. When they learned about his lack of confidence, they took him under their wing giving him guidance and recommended a school in Wisconsin that would accept him. It was Bashert they influenced him in the right direction where we couldn't. (Read my 2/20/2011 blog on "WHAT ABOUT PSYCHICS, ASTROLOGERS AND SPIRITS OF THE DEAD")

BASHERT: An unexpected force drove me to a nearby office asking for a job. I had no idea they were planning on advertising for someone to bring in more sales. After a few interviews I was hired.

Did fate come into your life? Was it Bashert for you? Please click on the comment box below. Would love to hear other stories.