Wednesday, December 31, 2014


 In my previous blog I wrote about my curiosity of what the future will hold.  Most of us do not have a clue, while others will speculate using their imagination.

Not giving a thought since my last piece, my imagination wondered into the future during dinner one evening. I thought about how poorly our meat and chickens have become. There’s controversy of Mad Cow in our meats which may cause demented minds and Alzheimer’s disease. Many countries refuse to purchase our meats. There is so much cruelty done to those poor baby chicks and the slaughter of animals, yet from what I read, there is not enough food to go around the world. These are all raising concerns among us.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we could raise meat in a lab?” I asked my husband. “After all we have in-vitro babies in a lab, why can’t we have food made that way?” I continued, “I bet it is being done now, just as we speak. We would not have to worry about acid rain, arsenic and pesticides in our foods.”

After dinner, I immediately went on line to research future foods. Sure enough, I learned that futurologists are making different kinds of foods including creating hamburgers in a lab using stem cells from cows.  For more information read below:

Other companies are using insects such as caterpillars, locusts, crickets, and grasshoppers in creating food. They boast that insects have more nutrients than other foods.  Some companies are processing them into flour, making delicious cookies, adding them to chopped meat, and other kinds of foods.   Others are making food with 3 D printers.  The thought of consuming those turn my stomach.  However, what would my grandmother say if she knew I was eating lobsters? In her world it was unheard of and disgusting. In the future, insects in food will be a normal way of eating.

  Read more information below:

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