Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Pole Dancing originally started in strip clubs all over the world for many years. Now advocates are circulating petitions for a test event at the 2012 Olympics and a more formal event four years later in Rio de Janeiro.

When I first heard about Pole Dancing, I thought it was a ridiculous attempt to downgrade the Olympics. Taking some time to do research, I found articles where people are going to sport and fitness clubs as a way to tone bodies. Although there are sensual erotic movements in pole dancing, those movements will naturally be eliminated if accepted into the Olympics.

Meanwhile,there are Pole Dancing championships like this one below all over the world

Pole dancer Mai Sato, 29, does her daily workout at a studio in Tokyo, Japan, last week. Sato is the world champion in her sport

Hong Kong-based Ania Przeplasko, the founder of the International Pole Dancing Fitness Association, the sport's fledgling supervisory body, believes Olympic recognition is only a matter of time and would be a victory for underappreciated sports worldwide

As I observed the talented couples ice skating, they too, gave a sensual performance. I loved the romance and drama in which they performed. So why couldn’t Pole Dancing be a sport if done in good taste?

Too be honest, I have never seen Pole Dancing in person. Have you? What do you think?   Do you know anyone who is doing this for a fitness program? Do you think it could be cleaned up for the Olympics? Please comment my readers would love to hear about your opinion and experience if any