Wednesday, September 16, 2015


In the Palm Beach Post on September 14, I read the article by Benjamin Powell, director of the Free Market Institute disapproving Donald Trump immigration issue.  He mentioned the researching of immigration by so called “social scientists.” Who are they, I wondered?  Mr. Powell summarized that the “social scientists” are the public. Which public does he refer to?”  The Liberal scholars, I assumed. Actually, Liberals are great peace loving people. They want to save the world and our planet. Unfortunately in doing so, we as a nation became weaker.’’

Social Scientists claim illegal immigration is good for our country.  They provide goods and services directly to other immigrants and I assume to Americans as well. He writes that some legal and illegal immigrants pay sales tax on what they spent which helps the economy and some pay income tax.  However he does not mention the cost of food stamps, housing, health care and education.  We may see some benefits in about 10-20 years if the immigrants remain in our country.

Our economy is not booming.  I see empty stores in shopping centers, Departments stores are closing some stores, businesses are cutting down, and some employees are being laid off. Because of the present economy jobs are scarce. When the illegal immigrants show up for jobs they usually work off the books, therefore no tax revenue.  With the minimum wage going up, it may make it difficult for Americans to compete for some jobs.


Trump understands all this as he too has business advisers and accountants to document that we can no longer afford illegal immigrants.  I like his issue on closing the borders until such time as we can afford to support more immigrants again.  But we must be careful who we allow in our country.  Years ago a relative had to a sponsor an immigrant.  They had to be free of disease with no criminal records.  We must make sure that many who are fleeing in  countries including ours do not overtake our freedom, laws, culture and our way of life including voting at the polls. 


Before 1935 there were no welfare and before 1939 there were no food stamps. Illegal & legal immigrants were on their own when they came into our country.  They lived with relatives or friends, learned our language and found jobs immediately. They were poor but they came with trades, education and culture. They enhanced and contributed to America. Many became self- made millionaires.


As for Trump’s issue on deportation, I disapprove deporting illegal immigrants who have anchor babies here and who are working and paying taxes.  I agree on deportation if the illegals are criminals, even one offense, have no jobs, and trouble makers. Although Trump tells it like it is, he must try to refrain from making nasty comments to interviewers and his opponents running against him in an unsophisticated manor if it is  not to his liking.  Trump needs a little more sophistication if he truly wants to be our president.