Monday, March 28, 2011


It was the winter of 1967 and the beginning of my costume jewelry business. I was meeting the editor of Mademoiselle magazine who was very interested in my costume jewelry line. But first I had to  make a stop at a boutique in Great Neck to deliver an order and pick up cash. When I arrived in the city I found a great parking spot in front of the stores on Lexington Ave.  I put money in the meter and all I had to do was walk a block to her office. Wearing a thin coat seemed appropriate as the weather was sunny and not too cool.

The editor was a young attractive woman who liked my creations. She handed me a bone bracelet and asked me to find the beads that matched to create some jewelry pieces for her. If she liked them she promised to give me a free editorial in her magazine.

Overwhelmed with joy, I left her office to head for home. Our sleep in maid was watching our young boys and we planned a Christmas vacation in Florida the following day. Arriving at my parking spot I noticed my car was missing. Running into the nearby store, I asked if they noticed anything wrong. They told me I was parked in an illegal parking spot. "How can that be", I cried. I inserted the coins into the meter. There were no signs" The store keeper said there was a sign all the way down at the end of the block. "Who would know that" I cried." I live in a suburb and did not know about the rules on that street."

The weather was getting cooler as the sun went in. I was dressed in my short mini skirt, high white boots, a Fall hair piece which was in style in those days and a thin coat. I ran to a  nearby telephone booth and told my husband about my car being towed. He was a president of a public company at that time and in the middle of a meeting.  " Don't worry, I will come and get you. Meet me on the south west corner of Lexington Ave." He said

Walking up the street, I approached a few people asking them where the South West corner was. They all looked at me as if I was crazy and nodded that they did not know. After an hour of looking for him, I was starting to feel chilled because the weather was getting very bad with rain and sleet. My hair was soaking wet with the alcohol  from my Fall  running down into my face and burning my eyes.

Thinking I was fortunate to make that stop earlier at the boutique shop picking up some cash, I decided to hail a cab. It was dark at 6:30 in the evening and many cabs were occupied with passengers.

Whenever I saw a cab with their lights on I jumped in, only to have them ask me to get out as they were heading home. After the 10th cab, I pleaded with a cab driver to please take me to the pound were all the towed vehicles were. Every minute the weather was getting nastier and I found myself shivering. "Please, I beg you, I have children home waiting for me. I am tired, hungry and cold. Please do not make me get out"  I cried.  Okay lady, take it easy. I will take you to the pound. I was on my way home, but I will take you." His accent sounded like a foreigner from India, or from a Muslim country.

The snow was coming down heavier, and I could not stop shivering. Riding  up town, the cab driver stopped his cab and said he had to get out of the cab for a minute. He  told me to wait there and not get out. When he left, fear came over me. I was horrified over what might come next. "He is getting his friends to rape me", I thought. "GET OUT OF THE CAR, I kept saying to myself, GET OUT, GET OUT. But I was cold, tired, scared, afraid to move. "What was taking him so long. Where did he go?" I wondered

Fifteen minutes later he came back to the cab alone (thank God) with a hot cup of coffee for me.


Sunday, March 6, 2011


After many years of wearing my engagement ring, I noticed a chip on the edge of the diamond. A jeweler suggested cutting it down to keep its value. Pondering the decision to make my stone smaller, I took it to the diamond institute to map my stone. I wanted to insure my returned diamond was mine after it was cut smaller.

Extremely disappointed over the new size of my stone, after it was cut, I had no desire to purchase a ring setting. However until I figured out what to do with it, I temporarily set it in my mother's eternity diamond ring. My mother passed away leaving me heartbroken. I had the ring widened to fit my finger. Some people gave me compliments while others said it did not belong. Years later it became stylish.

After wearing my ring for several years I noticed a cut in the eternity band where they resized it. It seemed safe as it did not expand. I was waiting for my next trip to New York to take it to the Jewelry Exchange where most jewelers send their work.

Preparing to attend a party, I could not find my ring. I went crazy because it was always with me. "Did I take it off and not remember," I thought. I searched everywhere and afterwards having the cleanest draws and closets in the world.

Months went by leaving my mind tormented and heartbroken. Although I was once very disappointed with the size, I realized the sentimental feelings and history I had with my diamond and my mother's ring.

One day, shopping in the mall, a lady approached me in front of Estee Lauder's cosmetic counter. She was sitting at a bridge table asking me if I wanted my fortune told. Passing her by saying "no thank you", my mind was not on nonsense. Walking a few steps past her, I reconsidered and thought "hmm maybe she might have common sense and suggest where I put my ring.

Walking back to her table, I agreed to sit down and let her do her thing. After all, it was free. She dealt her cards. Not remembering all too well what kind of cards she drew, the first startling thing she said was "you are married to a very mild mannered man" Without telling her anything about myself, other than loosing my engagement stone set in my mothers diamond wedding band. "how did you know that?", I asked. She said, "lets continue" the next card said I was very sensitive and kind hearted and some take advantage of me."that's incredible" I thought. The next card she drew was a 7. She asked me what the number 7 meant to me. I said, "my birthday is in July the 7th month. The number of my house is 7. My son got married on the 7th day of January, and "oh, yes, my mother's birthday was on the same date January 7."

"Let's use the number 7 for your mother's birthday because it was her ring you lost" Picking another card, she said "your mother will return your ring on or about Jan 7th and she will forgive you. Trying not to believe her, "How did she know my mother was angry with me before she passed." My mother wanted desperately to get out of the hospital where I took her. They were short staffed and were not attentive to her needs. We were waiting to find a doctor at another hospital to admit her when she passed. Never telling anyone about that day, I just dismissed it as a lucky guess.

January 2nd I decided to clean my garage by moving everything out and sweeping up. Using a dust pan with all the dirt in it, I noticed a crystal sparkling thing set in the dirt. Picking it up, I noticed it was half my ring with the diamond. The other half was missing. After screaming "Oh my God" several times, I ran to the phone calling everyone who knew my anguish.. Hours later I returned to the garage to finish the dirty task. Moving a big TV from where it was sitting for years, I swept that spot and found the other half.

All the births of my children were surprising events in my life especially having a girl after two boys . The return of my ring was indeed the second best surprise.

Question: How did the psychic know?