Saturday, October 24, 2015


The case of Musician, Corey Jones death by officer, Nouman Raja, stuns kin, as reported in the Pam Beach Post Tuesday October 20, stuns all of us as well.  Here is a young black man from a respected loving family doing all the right things and admired by all.  Getting paid in cash and coming home late from gigs with expensive drums in his car, his licensed gun was his protection. Unfortunately he might not have been experienced in using it, or perhaps he was too fearful that fateful morning.

Along comes this plain clothes man cop, Raja, who approached this young frightened man stranded off the road about 3 AM waiting for a tow truck to help with his disabled vehicle. Raja had no badge on him to show this frightened young man he was safe.  Instead, with no witnesses, nor cameras, the young man was shot by the cop about 100 feet away from his car.

Now let’s evaluate the situation.  The plain clothes man cop was originally employed by the police department and had previous incidents of failing to obey by the rules.  He was demoted to the Palm Beach Gardens department with a $10,000 reduction in pay to do surveillance work.  Two comments were contradictory. The officer at first said he approached Jones vehicle thinking it was abandoned.  Then he said Jones approached the cop.  Does that make sense?

Now the FBI is getting involved. It is like a boxing match with a 160LB man fighting with a 250LB heavy weight and the referee is making the decision as to who won.

The bottom line is, new laws must be made that all police officers including plain clothes men and security guards, must wear cameras whether they carry a gun or not.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


In the Palm Beach Post on September 14, I read the article by Benjamin Powell, director of the Free Market Institute disapproving Donald Trump immigration issue.  He mentioned the researching of immigration by so called “social scientists.” Who are they, I wondered?  Mr. Powell summarized that the “social scientists” are the public. Which public does he refer to?”  The Liberal scholars, I assumed. Actually, Liberals are great peace loving people. They want to save the world and our planet. Unfortunately in doing so, we as a nation became weaker.’’

Social Scientists claim illegal immigration is good for our country.  They provide goods and services directly to other immigrants and I assume to Americans as well. He writes that some legal and illegal immigrants pay sales tax on what they spent which helps the economy and some pay income tax.  However he does not mention the cost of food stamps, housing, health care and education.  We may see some benefits in about 10-20 years if the immigrants remain in our country.

Our economy is not booming.  I see empty stores in shopping centers, Departments stores are closing some stores, businesses are cutting down, and some employees are being laid off. Because of the present economy jobs are scarce. When the illegal immigrants show up for jobs they usually work off the books, therefore no tax revenue.  With the minimum wage going up, it may make it difficult for Americans to compete for some jobs.


Trump understands all this as he too has business advisers and accountants to document that we can no longer afford illegal immigrants.  I like his issue on closing the borders until such time as we can afford to support more immigrants again.  But we must be careful who we allow in our country.  Years ago a relative had to a sponsor an immigrant.  They had to be free of disease with no criminal records.  We must make sure that many who are fleeing in  countries including ours do not overtake our freedom, laws, culture and our way of life including voting at the polls. 


Before 1935 there were no welfare and before 1939 there were no food stamps. Illegal & legal immigrants were on their own when they came into our country.  They lived with relatives or friends, learned our language and found jobs immediately. They were poor but they came with trades, education and culture. They enhanced and contributed to America. Many became self- made millionaires.


As for Trump’s issue on deportation, I disapprove deporting illegal immigrants who have anchor babies here and who are working and paying taxes.  I agree on deportation if the illegals are criminals, even one offense, have no jobs, and trouble makers. Although Trump tells it like it is, he must try to refrain from making nasty comments to interviewers and his opponents running against him in an unsophisticated manor if it is  not to his liking.  Trump needs a little more sophistication if he truly wants to be our president.






Saturday, May 2, 2015


Today most of us are more savvy in keeping our bodies healthy by exercising and eating the right foods.  We listen to our doctors about which vitamins to take and how much water to drink.

The other day, my husband asked me to return his vitamin B12 to the store where he purchased it.  Asking why, he showed me an article he read that came in our mail condemning Vitamin B12 because it contained cyanide. “That’s ridiculous,” I said. “They would not allow poison in vitamins.”  He showed me the article and told me the label did not show cyanide.  He immediately called the company that had the phone number on the label. He asked if the vitamin contained cyanide.  The answer was YES.  It was clearly on the label, but it was called Cyanocobalamin.

Since I love researching, I came across a blog written by Dr. D’Adamo who wrote there is a small amount of cyanide molecule which does not come from plants or animals.  It is chemically synthesized in other vitamins as well. He said although very small, the body needs to get rid of it by detoxification with glutathione.  It must get rid of the body. 

Well, this sound very complicated to me.  Why bother?  I read elsewhere that some people cannot handle Cyanocobalamin as it upsets their nervous system among other bad symptoms.

He suggested Methylcobalamin for your liver, brain and nervous system.  It is also good for vision and helps with sleep problems, while Cyanocobalamin  is ineffective.  For those who are unaware as I was, a potential deficiency of B 12 include; numbness, tingling, loss of feeling sensation, burning sensation, muscle cramps, nerve pain and slowness of reflexes

We are drinking & bathing chlorine.  We are warned not to consume rice too often and to eat in small doses due to the arsenic it contains.  The government has warned us to consume rice in small portions and infrequently.  Presently, they have a research team investigating whether arsenic comes from rain water or the soil. We just have to be careful about toxic chemicals that go into our children and grandchildren, as well as ourselves.

We all have to be smart for our health.  Our bodies, if we listen, tell us why we do not feel well.  We just have to look further.  My feeling is, and it is just my humble opinion; our world is not as safe as we would like.  We distrust where we get our foods and medicine, and unfortunately I distrust vitamins.  I do not know where they come from, where they are packaged, and I worry about mistakes made in the labs. And, it if contains a little cyanide.. Well I am not taking a chance.  I will look for alternatives.


The Nightmare of Washing New Towels

Living in my home in an adult community for fourteen in a half years forced me to replace wear and tear items. Mainly it is the new towels I wish to address today.  Whether it is right or wrong, I replace my towel after each use. We do not use the big giant bath towel just the regular size.  I always used dryer sheets to make everything soft.  However, during the past couple of years I have discontinued using them due to the chemicals that harm us. With the dryer sheets in the past and all the excessive use, my towels lost some absorbency and started to wear.

All new linen, towels, lingerie and underwear get washed in the machine prior to its use.  I placed only the new towels in the machine last night.  I was very smart not to wash them with my other clothes.  I could kiss myself for being that smart. 

When the towels were finished from the wash cycle I noticed lint everywhere including  my machine.  At first I thought I purchased poor quality towels and planned on returning them the following day.  Then I remembered I had the same problem with other towels I purchased a long time ago. They say the better the cotton towel quality the more lint in the beginning.

Removing the lint was a horrible nightmare.  First I tried raking it off with my nails then rewashing them again.  Still the lint was present but not as bad.  After placing them in the dryer, the lint was still present. I used the lint roller which helped a little.  I took a wash cloth which showed a lot of lint, and vacuumed it.  The vacuum worked best until the vacuum sucked the washcloth into the hose. Now no suction was possible and it became my evening nightmare. I bent three knitting needles trying to get it to come up. I tried using a skinny knife, but all was impossible.  Now my vacuum cleaner was inoperable.

For fifty four years of marriage, I only used Electrolux Vacuum machines and upgraded them about three times.  I could not find a place to blow out my hose with the last upgrade.  I was surprised not to be aware of the change in the product.  I planned on calling  our wonderful handyman in the morning to solve my problem, as he always had in the past.  My husband had gone to bed leaving me in distress, but he must have heard me going crazy in the laundry room as he came to my rescue. He reversed the hose where the wash cloth was closer and the machine suctioned it right in the bag.  I was able to retrieve it and then gave   my husband the biggest "Thank You" ever

Thus, if this nightmare should happen to you, my best advice is to wash the towels two or three times. DO NOT MIX OTHER ITEMS IN THE WASH. They say it takes ten times to remove most of the lint. Some say to use one half cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle but it also loses the towel absorbency.  After the towels are dry use your vacuum cleaner, making sure you cleaned the head of same first, and hold the towel tightly.  (Skip the wash cloth}