Saturday, October 24, 2015


The case of Musician, Corey Jones death by officer, Nouman Raja, stuns kin, as reported in the Pam Beach Post Tuesday October 20, stuns all of us as well.  Here is a young black man from a respected loving family doing all the right things and admired by all.  Getting paid in cash and coming home late from gigs with expensive drums in his car, his licensed gun was his protection. Unfortunately he might not have been experienced in using it, or perhaps he was too fearful that fateful morning.

Along comes this plain clothes man cop, Raja, who approached this young frightened man stranded off the road about 3 AM waiting for a tow truck to help with his disabled vehicle. Raja had no badge on him to show this frightened young man he was safe.  Instead, with no witnesses, nor cameras, the young man was shot by the cop about 100 feet away from his car.

Now let’s evaluate the situation.  The plain clothes man cop was originally employed by the police department and had previous incidents of failing to obey by the rules.  He was demoted to the Palm Beach Gardens department with a $10,000 reduction in pay to do surveillance work.  Two comments were contradictory. The officer at first said he approached Jones vehicle thinking it was abandoned.  Then he said Jones approached the cop.  Does that make sense?

Now the FBI is getting involved. It is like a boxing match with a 160LB man fighting with a 250LB heavy weight and the referee is making the decision as to who won.

The bottom line is, new laws must be made that all police officers including plain clothes men and security guards, must wear cameras whether they carry a gun or not.