Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Many years ago we had a female poodle named Cocoa who had just given birth. Anxieties continued for weeks starting when our daughter came home from sleep a way camp and noticed our little poodle felt heavier than before.

Carefully selecting a highly recommended boarder who had a good reputation watching pets, we vacationed in Florida. Prior to leaving our pet, I warned the lady that my dog was not fixed. I explained I was trying to find a proper stud for her.  I asked her to keep my dog away from the other pets.
“Don’t worry, I will keep your little baby in my bedroom away from all the other dogs,” I felt assured all would be well.

When my little girl said “Mommy, you are feeding Cocoa too much.” I just said “yes” continuing to prepare for dinner. “Mommy”, she said “ why are her nipples so red?” Dropping the chicken in the sink, I quickly lifted her up and became horrified

Calling the lady who watched my dog, I told her my dog was pregnant, “Don’t worry, he was a cute little black poodle.” “Does he have papers? ”I asked. “Who are the owners, what are their names and number? I must call them.”

She mentioned the dog owners name and then said, “I’m sorry I cannot tell you any more. I do not want to get into trouble The owner is an attorney."

Looking in the Yellow Pages, I found several telephone numbers with that person’s name. Finally I reached the one who had a black dog. I told the woman my story about our dogs connecting and asked if her dog had AKC papers. “No” she said. He is a mut” He is part Lhasa Apsos and poodle. I asked her what her dog looked like. She told me he was black with a white tuxedo running down his chest. “May I see your dog so that I would know what the puppies will look like."

The woman said “I am very busy and do not have the time to show you my dog, hold on please” While holding I heard her hysterically laughing to her husband telling him about our dogs connecting. He said “don’t talk to her, deny everything and hang up on her “ Please, I am not going to sue you. I just want to see what my pups will look like. I could not bare the thought of having ugly puppies"

She never came by to show me her dog until Cocoa was in labor delivering her first couple of pups. For the last time I called her again pleading to come to my house with her dog. Explaining the markings on the pups were just like her dog’s she came within an hour. As soon as I opened the door she said “Had I’d known sooner, I would have knit a sweater.” Looking at the pups she said “Does this mean we have to celebrate holidays together?”

to be continued.....  an unbelievable and touching story

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