Thursday, February 3, 2011


For almost 20 years I had been pain free until I started playing tennis again. My knee was hurting like years past. Noticing everyone on the courts wearing knee supports, wrist bands, etc. I figured it was okay for me to purchase a knee support too to help relieve the pressure. But my last day of tennis I had to practically crawl to my car. Walking was impossible.

Living in a different state I went to another orthopedic doctor. I was advised to get arthroscopic knee surgery. Remembering the ordeal prior, I went to my new internist and asked him to prescribe Doxycycline. After his refusal, I researched on Google, typing "knee pain and Doxycycline" Boom, pages and pages of information about the promising effects of the drug. I printed the 20 pages and brought them into my doctor’s office. After he read them, I got a call from his office that my prescription of Doxycycline is waiting for me at the drug store.

Knowing we must be our own advocate, we should always ask questions and acquire information about our health issues. Our doctors are more educated than we are. We rely on them to take good care of us and continue to do research on their patients illnesses. But they are human like the rest of us. They error, and make poor decisions as well. Surprisingly though, they hardly have the time to do research as often as they should.

If we are not feeling better within a reasonable time, it is most important to find a support group and learn from them about the medications they take and the doctors who have treated them satisfactory.
Thankful my doctor took the time to review the information I gave him, I wondered why he was unaware of the wonders of Doxicycline before. For his patients sake and mine, I was glad I made him discover another use of Doxycycline.

The research pointed out that even patients with Fibromyalgia benefited from Doxicycline. Whenever I hear a patient who is suffering from it, I tell them my story and suggest they speak to their doctor in prescribing it for them. Either they do not say anything because they believe their doctor is trying to help them. Others speak about it with their doctors only to have the doctors refuse to prescribe it even if their illness has not improved. I feel helpless watching them suffer and continue to stick to Dr. God's methods.

Wondering why doctors do not prescribe this wonderful drug, perhaps there is a drug shortage from what I am reading in the paper. I also called my Walgreens drug store last week asking if they have 100 milligrams of Doxycycline in stock. Their answer is "their supply is diminishing."
It is scary out there. I think they are trying to save many drugs for life and death situations because it is getting scarce. They are afraid of a pandemic and they do not publicize too much about it.

As for playing tennis again, I made a deal with my knee. I said "knee, if I am good to you and not give you pressure by playung tennis, will you be good to me" It's been a good deal and I am sticking to it.

My knee pain has gone for the past five years. If it ever comes back, I know what I have to do.

Stay well everyone!



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