Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Whenever someone gets seriously ill, I often ask what the symptoms were.  Not that I am a hypochondriac, let’s just say I am curious.

From the symptoms of people I knew, mainly men, their heart attacks were fatal.  They clutched their chest, were full of sweat and sometimes knew it was the end.

Other men disregarded their symptoms of feeling lethargic, having indigestion, nausea, and mild chest  and arm pain. The pains were equated with too much exercise, not enough exercise, too much bad food, etc.  They will make a doctor’s appointment when their schedule works out for them. Sometimes this attitude can be fatal.

On the other hand a woman’s symptoms are a little different.  In very rare cases it can be too late to know she had a heart attack, as she would be in pain clutching her chest. The norm as I experienced, can be very deceiving. Many medical doctors are just learning of the many different symptoms a woman can have. A few years ago, I experienced gas pains.  I’ve had them all my life on and off so I did not take too much attention to it. But when the discomfort came and went every few hours like contractions before giving birth, I became concerned.  Each time it returned the indigestion got worse. Then the magic symptom came which was my jaw and teeth radiating.  My arm started to feel pressure, like a very slight pain.

Because the pain was not severe in my chest, I thought there was no need for an ambulance. Thus my husband drove me to the hospital for tests.  It was revealed I had a heart attack and received two stents on the left arteries

Interestingly, when we think heart attack, we think “ouch” severe pain to the chest.

When an artery is clogged blood cannot flow to the heart and if not repaired within 12 hours it could be fatal or at least severe heart damage.

My second attack was different from the first.  I had no indigestion, just pressure on my chest, shoulder and arm.  It came and went every few minutes like my previous attack. However the jaw and arm discomfort was the sign to get to my primary doctor.  He gave me a cardiogram which did not look good and advised me to go to the hospital.  Since there was no bad pain only a discomfort I asked to take blood work to see if I had cardiac disease.  While waiting for a lab tech to take blood, the discomfort was coming faster than I expected.  I made my husband drive to the emergency as quickly as possible.

Later, I learned never to drive to the emergency but to call an ambulance.  My heart attack was a bad one at the RCA(Right Coronary Artery)  I was told if I waited up to 12 hours I may not have lived

In both cases I did not panic nor took my heart attack too seriously because I was not in severe pain. Had I waited for the pain it might have been too late





With broken hearts over losing our eleven in a half year old Maltese, we started looking for another puppy about a year go.  At first I felt disloyal to our beloved little Mindy, however, I had to stop our heartache and sobbing.  People advised us to look at animal shelters. Years ago we did and adopted a cute puppy which worked out well. Another time we adopted an adorable Schnoodle that just came in, but we had to sign a statement that if the dog owner claims the dog within a certain time, we had to release it to the rightful owner. That day came when we had to give her back.


Among the newspaper listings was a Ft. Lauderdale pet store. They directed us to their web site where we chose adorable Mayla. She was all white with black points. (nose and eyes). We rushed to the store on a very hot Fourth of July.  Impressed with the upscale store, we couldn’t wait to meet her...


The sales person whom we spoke on the phone showed us a white and tan puppy stinking with bad perfume. We told him that was not the puppy we saw on his web site..  He scratched his head and led us into another room with tiny puppies sleeping on their backs as if all drugged. While soft music was playing, we were told to be very quiet. “Wake them up” I said.” We are here to buy a puppy” The salesman escorted us to another room with about eight to ten puppies all awake in one cage about two feet by two feet. Because it was shocking to see them cramped, we stormed out saying they should be ashamed.


Breeders were our next choice, or are they really breeders? Some advertised saying they were breeders or kennels, but they were really brokers. I was unaware of puppy brokers at that time and soon learned to ask questions about the puppy's parents and to request to see them in person. None were available and they were indignant about offering me their last name. When I asked for their home address it wound up off a highway, at a supermarket, or they said they will meet me half way.


We were impressed with beautiful airbrushed professional photographs of the puppies, only to find out puppy brokers stole those pictures by putting them on their own websites or they text it to me making us believe that was the puppy they are selling.


Other red flags are lower priced puppy ads, free shipping from God knows where, only to find a dead or dying puppy or one that was not what they prepaid for.  Someone told me her mother prepaid for a particular breed.  On arrival the dog was not what she ordered. She could not get her money back and after time got attached to it. Some breeders take nonrefundable deposits for puppies before they are born.

There have been warnings regarding purchasing pets from pet stores as they usually come from puppy mills. I am afraid puppy brokers are included. Besides the Maltese in pet stores cost as much money as the private breeders only you are not getting the pick of the litter.


Thus our choices are to pay big money to well-known breeders or go to the animal shelters.


One late evening, I recently got spooked out of my mind. For the past sixteen years I have always enjoyed sitting at my glass dinette table researching on my lap top computer. A week earlier I remember getting interrupted by my religious young aunt, reminding me to light a Yahrtzeit candle for my mother. It was the anniversary of her passing.

It was just last week while typing, my glass top slid off the table base as though someone pushed it off.  The glass naturally crashed on the floor leaving tons of broken glass everywhere. My computer and vase fell on top of the glass, miraculously leaving both unbroken.

Flabbergasted, I could not figure how that could happen.  I knew my glass top was a little unsteady lately but it was impossible for a heavy glass top to just push its way off the base and crash. For the past years we applied cyclone disks under the glass which usually worked well, but noticed it had not worked well for months 

It took hours of picking up the glass, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping.  We took out another heavy round glass top from the garage which we luckily saved from another piece of furniture and placed it on the table base. The following day, I attempted to continue working on my computer at the same table when I noticed the glass, in slow motion, sliding off the table falling on to the floor again. At that point, how do I tell my husband who was happily enjoying himself at the gym what had occurred. “Guess what”, I said. “You’re never going to believe this”.

To my astonishment, the glass did not break nor chip.  My computer and vase was unharmed. Should I have remembered to buy that Yahrzeit candle for my mother?  Was she angry with me?  Was her spirit talking to me?  Do Spirts really exist? Crazy things were going in my mind. 

The following day it dawned on me what might have happened.  I recently hired a cleaning lady who is marvelous.   I watched her pick up the heavy glass to shine it.  I did not know where this little young  woman got her  strength.  She also polished the steel base with furniture polishl to shine and preserve it.  It never occurred to me that she lifted the glass much higher to shine the top of the base.  That was why the cyclone disks did not stuck on the glass and the oil caused the slippery glass to move

To satisfy my theory, I used ammonia on top of the base and glass, washing and wiping them thoroughly.  After placing the glass top on the base, we found it difficult to move.  When I heard a squeak, it meant it no longer was slippery.  Did this mean it may be the end of my Spirit theory?




Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to enjoy the experience of becoming a producer and director of a show.  As a young child most little girls like me dreamed of acting and becoming an Oscar winner. As I matured and continued my adult life, those dreams totally faded away.

Living in an active adult community in Florida,  I was a bystander enjoying other leaders of the community creating entertainment and improving our community. I’ve complained and applauded various events like most of our residents. It never dawned on me that I too would make a small contribution.

Joining our entertainment committee fascinated me and I loved going to the Show Cases.  Taking part of a vote to decide which entertainers would best be enjoyed by our residents gave me a sense of importance.

Hardly volunteering in anything worthwhile other than setting up tables before an event, a question was asked by our co chair lady of our committee.  “What can we give back to the community that will cost nothing and yet be entertaining?”

Looking around the room, with no hands raised, I suggested a Talent Show.  “Let’s see who comes out of the woodwork that has talent.” Our co chairs were not receptive at first, as they believed in professional talent. Due to our democratic process in our committee, a vote was taken and it was decided we have one. I was picked to run it since it was my idea. “This was going to be a piece of cake.” I thought.

To my disappointment not too many people came forward from our flyers.  Calling many folks whom I knew had talent, just seemed it was not the right time to perform.  Therefore I decided to make up my own skits, researching on line. They included music and dancing.  The problem with dancing was we had to use our arms, and legs together with our hips.  One complained it was difficult to raise one arm, while the other complained their other arm was difficult. Bending was out and so were cartwheels.

We chuckled about our bodies not being able to do what we used to do and tried our best to move the parts that still work.

Meanwhile people took bets we would not have enough time for a show, as we began two months prior to the opening with only three good performers signed on.. It took only one month to rehearse the dances plus more performers stepped up to the plate. During those few weeks, the performers each had their own agendas at separate times and were missing for full rehearsals. But in the end they did great

Producing and directing the show, which I loved, brought back memories of my earlier years. I created beautiful jewelry which was loved by all the buyers in department stores and boutiques across the county. My mind was active again and I felt very alive.



Saturday, October 24, 2015


The case of Musician, Corey Jones death by officer, Nouman Raja, stuns kin, as reported in the Pam Beach Post Tuesday October 20, stuns all of us as well.  Here is a young black man from a respected loving family doing all the right things and admired by all.  Getting paid in cash and coming home late from gigs with expensive drums in his car, his licensed gun was his protection. Unfortunately he might not have been experienced in using it, or perhaps he was too fearful that fateful morning.

Along comes this plain clothes man cop, Raja, who approached this young frightened man stranded off the road about 3 AM waiting for a tow truck to help with his disabled vehicle. Raja had no badge on him to show this frightened young man he was safe.  Instead, with no witnesses, nor cameras, the young man was shot by the cop about 100 feet away from his car.

Now let’s evaluate the situation.  The plain clothes man cop was originally employed by the police department and had previous incidents of failing to obey by the rules.  He was demoted to the Palm Beach Gardens department with a $10,000 reduction in pay to do surveillance work.  Two comments were contradictory. The officer at first said he approached Jones vehicle thinking it was abandoned.  Then he said Jones approached the cop.  Does that make sense?

Now the FBI is getting involved. It is like a boxing match with a 160LB man fighting with a 250LB heavy weight and the referee is making the decision as to who won.

The bottom line is, new laws must be made that all police officers including plain clothes men and security guards, must wear cameras whether they carry a gun or not.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


In the Palm Beach Post on September 14, I read the article by Benjamin Powell, director of the Free Market Institute disapproving Donald Trump immigration issue.  He mentioned the researching of immigration by so called “social scientists.” Who are they, I wondered?  Mr. Powell summarized that the “social scientists” are the public. Which public does he refer to?”  The Liberal scholars, I assumed. Actually, Liberals are great peace loving people. They want to save the world and our planet. Unfortunately in doing so, we as a nation became weaker.’’

Social Scientists claim illegal immigration is good for our country.  They provide goods and services directly to other immigrants and I assume to Americans as well. He writes that some legal and illegal immigrants pay sales tax on what they spent which helps the economy and some pay income tax.  However he does not mention the cost of food stamps, housing, health care and education.  We may see some benefits in about 10-20 years if the immigrants remain in our country.

Our economy is not booming.  I see empty stores in shopping centers, Departments stores are closing some stores, businesses are cutting down, and some employees are being laid off. Because of the present economy jobs are scarce. When the illegal immigrants show up for jobs they usually work off the books, therefore no tax revenue.  With the minimum wage going up, it may make it difficult for Americans to compete for some jobs.


Trump understands all this as he too has business advisers and accountants to document that we can no longer afford illegal immigrants.  I like his issue on closing the borders until such time as we can afford to support more immigrants again.  But we must be careful who we allow in our country.  Years ago a relative had to a sponsor an immigrant.  They had to be free of disease with no criminal records.  We must make sure that many who are fleeing in  countries including ours do not overtake our freedom, laws, culture and our way of life including voting at the polls. 


Before 1935 there were no welfare and before 1939 there were no food stamps. Illegal & legal immigrants were on their own when they came into our country.  They lived with relatives or friends, learned our language and found jobs immediately. They were poor but they came with trades, education and culture. They enhanced and contributed to America. Many became self- made millionaires.


As for Trump’s issue on deportation, I disapprove deporting illegal immigrants who have anchor babies here and who are working and paying taxes.  I agree on deportation if the illegals are criminals, even one offense, have no jobs, and trouble makers. Although Trump tells it like it is, he must try to refrain from making nasty comments to interviewers and his opponents running against him in an unsophisticated manor if it is  not to his liking.  Trump needs a little more sophistication if he truly wants to be our president.






Saturday, May 2, 2015


Today most of us are more savvy in keeping our bodies healthy by exercising and eating the right foods.  We listen to our doctors about which vitamins to take and how much water to drink.

The other day, my husband asked me to return his vitamin B12 to the store where he purchased it.  Asking why, he showed me an article he read that came in our mail condemning Vitamin B12 because it contained cyanide. “That’s ridiculous,” I said. “They would not allow poison in vitamins.”  He showed me the article and told me the label did not show cyanide.  He immediately called the company that had the phone number on the label. He asked if the vitamin contained cyanide.  The answer was YES.  It was clearly on the label, but it was called Cyanocobalamin.

Since I love researching, I came across a blog written by Dr. D’Adamo who wrote there is a small amount of cyanide molecule which does not come from plants or animals.  It is chemically synthesized in other vitamins as well. He said although very small, the body needs to get rid of it by detoxification with glutathione.  It must get rid of the body. 

Well, this sound very complicated to me.  Why bother?  I read elsewhere that some people cannot handle Cyanocobalamin as it upsets their nervous system among other bad symptoms.

He suggested Methylcobalamin for your liver, brain and nervous system.  It is also good for vision and helps with sleep problems, while Cyanocobalamin  is ineffective.  For those who are unaware as I was, a potential deficiency of B 12 include; numbness, tingling, loss of feeling sensation, burning sensation, muscle cramps, nerve pain and slowness of reflexes

We are drinking & bathing chlorine.  We are warned not to consume rice too often and to eat in small doses due to the arsenic it contains.  The government has warned us to consume rice in small portions and infrequently.  Presently, they have a research team investigating whether arsenic comes from rain water or the soil. We just have to be careful about toxic chemicals that go into our children and grandchildren, as well as ourselves.

We all have to be smart for our health.  Our bodies, if we listen, tell us why we do not feel well.  We just have to look further.  My feeling is, and it is just my humble opinion; our world is not as safe as we would like.  We distrust where we get our foods and medicine, and unfortunately I distrust vitamins.  I do not know where they come from, where they are packaged, and I worry about mistakes made in the labs. And, it if contains a little cyanide.. Well I am not taking a chance.  I will look for alternatives.