Saturday, February 12, 2011


After six weeks from the time our puppies were born, we began trying to sell them. Unfortunately we could not ask a lot of money because the pups were boutique dogs. (Mutts) The father looked part Lhasa Apsos and Poodle  Thus, our pups became Lassa Poos

The first sale came from a couple who lost their business and needed some loving. They could not decide which to purchase so they bought two and named them Buttons and Bows.

The second person was my next door neighbor. A little friend of my daughter's who was in fourth grade. "Can I keep a pup", she asked. “Tell your mom the puppies are $450 each” I said. She came back and said “My mother said I should have it for free” Since they were our neighbors and a best friend of my daughter I agreed to let her have it for free.

The pick of the litter in my opinion was the shortest and cutest.  We named him Buggsie and kept him as our pet and companion for his mother.

The last puppy went to a lovely Irish lady. She was very distraught about her dying dog at home, She reasoned if she got a new puppy it would ease her family’s heartache when their old faithful friend demises.  The lady explained she wanted to give her son a birthday gift as he was very depressed watching their dying dog lay there day after day. They did not have the heart to take him to the vet to put him down.

A week later, the Irish lady called me on the phone asking me to take the pup back and return her money. “What’s the problem” I asked. "Oh” she said, "my husband said I was a moron for paying too much money for a mutt. The dog does not go to my son and he is very disappointed that the puppy is not friendly."

Since she had the puppy only a week, I suggested she keep it for a couple of weeks. If they all felt the same way, I would gladly give them their money back. “Do you promise” she asked. “ Yes, you have my word”, I said

After two weeks of not hearing from her we looked in the paper every day to see if the Irish Lady put ads in the paper to try to sell the puppy.  One week went by then another.  Surprisingly we did not hear from her until almost a month later when she finally made the call.

"Mrs Shapiro, I do not know what religion you follow but we are Irish,  I want to pray that the Lord bless you forever and ever for suggesting we keep our little puppy for a little while longer"  She went on and on about how we should have a good life.  "What happened" I asked.  Well, the dog follows me around all the time and is inseparable with my husband.  He licks him all the time and he loves the little puppy.  My son and the puppy play all the time and he is very happy.  The best of all, our little puppy kept trying to play with our dying dog,.  He has been lying on the ground for months and we do not have the heart to put him to sleep.  The little pup kept licking our dog rumping and jumping on him, barking as if to say "Come on get up and play!  Well, on Valentines day, our dying dog got up from the ground and started running after the pup all over our yard.  Bless you forever"

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