Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Ever since I was eighteen years old, I had a weight problem. Although I was not heavy, my desire was to be thinner. Diet pills were the latest diet fad in the 50's and 60’s. Our doctors prescribed them along with a diet. The results were remarkable and I was extremely happy along with my admirers.

Through the years I went on and off the pills whenever I gained weight. Whenever I was on them, my body felt as though I was taking uppers and downers at the same time. The feeling was quite weird. Although the pills worked and kept me nicely trimmed, I believe it caused my thyroid to go out of control. Hoarseness, hair loss, rapid weight gain and fatigue were my constant complaints. My condition was called Hypothyroidism.

Although I was committed for life taking Synthroid and other alternative drugs, my symptoms never diminished. Candy was always in my purse for a quick pick me up. My diets went on and off through the years but hard to follow once working on a daily basis and raising a family. Now, at age 73, with the kids out of the house and retired from a busy office, I want to take control and get my body back.

A local chiropractor held a seminar saying endocrinologists and primary physicians are not treating thyroid problems accurately because they are not doing more tests. His testing is enormous, costing about $150 -$300 a month for excessive blood work and consultations. He does not take insurance . But he promised my energy would return along with curing my symptoms which included loosing weight.

The next alternative and in my opinion the best, if you can afford it, or if it is covered by insurance, is to seek out a nutritionist who is a medical doctor. He is the only one who is knowledgeable about chemicals in the body and how it reacts to different individuals.

Desperate to control my appetite, I went to Costco to purchase Sensa as I heard about it on TV. Although the company offers one month free, you have to give your credit card for the following month. If you do not want it, simply call the company for a return label. Otherwise they will ship and charge you every month. I was anxious to get it immediately rather than wait for the mail. When I got it home, I researched on the Internet that the product does work, like most of the fad diets such as "the Cookie" diet. The product has a chemical that tells the brain you are full. So you become committed for life to use it. There is no evidence what it does for you later in life. Once you get off it, as you will be satisfied with your results, the brain reacts differently, your appetite increases enormously and your weight gain is twice when you started.

Someone said something interesting. If Oprah with all her money could not succeed with any fad product how can we? Then I remembered several people who were on the “Cookie Diet” among other fad diets who lost a tremendous amount of weight and looked terrific. As soon as they went off the diet, they put back more weight than when they started. It was a sad horror show. So.. what to do?....

My next issue will reveal the best secret with no cost to you...


Shirley said...

welcome back

Lois said...

I have been on synthroid since I gave birth to my son over 40 years ago. My weight has been a problem since I was a kid. After all these years I've come to realize that the best way for me to lose weight and maintain is to eat healthy: low fat, low carbs and more protein with lots of fruits and veggies. There is only one program that teaches you to live a healthy life style within your budget: Weight Watchers!
A few years ago I did the Take Shape For Life program from Medifast. Yeah, I lost tons of weight, always felt deprived and my hair was falling out. I gained back 20 of my 40 lbs loss and started again (lifetime member of WWers since 1975) with Weight Watchers, this time online. The last thing I need is another lecturer to tell me how to do it. I am doing it and have lost 25 lbs since February 26th, the day after my 67th birthday. As long as I pay for the privilege of using their website to keep track and guide me through my food problems, I'll stick with it. I am not deprived, I eat all my fav things...I just keep track of what I eat.
I feel your pain...been there, still there and will be there until I die. LOL But, for now, I really don't wanna die. So, I'll pay the monthly fee and track on my iPhone or on my computer and hopefully will lose a little more weight. My first goal was 25lbs and now I want to lose10 more lbs and then we'll see where I go from there.
good luck with doing what you think is best for you...for me, I'm ok for now and hope to keep being ok for a long time.