Monday, August 13, 2012


Wondering if Sensa might be the best diet out there, I took the liberty of researching the ingredients as follows: 

Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate food supplement, not the best for your body because of the starch and filler processed.

Tricalcium phosphate is harmless and is used in toothpaste, cakes and antacids, yogurts, spices and candies.  The symptoms are the same as Sensa states: Might cause nausea, vomiting, constipation, dry mouth and decreased appetite.

Selica is sand which makes glass, such as windows, bottles. Etc.  When breathing in the powder can cause bronchitis or cancer.  I took the liberty of calling the poison control who said just as I stated.  It is sand and has no benefit in digesting.  Among many uses, it is used in small packets in boxes of electronic equipment being shipped to avoid moisture. 

Thus the only product in this package I would consider is Tricalcium phosphate which I will ask my pharmacist, doctor, and the vitamin shop.  I am sure it is a fraction of the cost of Sensa.  I shall return this without hesitation.

Remembering a TV show years ago, when 3 or 4 very thin men and women come on stage carrying their old huge overalls. They were once over 200 to 300 lbs. They tried every diet in the book unsuccessfully. So how did they get so thin? A doctor told them their chemical in their bodies were different than most. Their food was not digested normally and it was like an allergy. Foods affect people differently. Some suffer from gastro conditions, sinuses, asthma, etc. Others retain more fat than others. It is not fair. I know.

It was obvious, they said, they learned they could no longer have the one food they loved. PASTA. Weight Watchers say you could have a cup full, but who is satisfied with just a cup?

Among other foods they loved were cake, cookies, anything with wheat and especially ice cream. (That was the demon for me) I love ice cream. They said it was like quitting smoking. Once you take the first cigarette after quitting for years, you're hooked again. They continued to say, "For the rest our lives, we know we can never enjoy those foods again, which were not our friends anyway. They made us look disgusting, disfigured, gave us poor health, and god knows what else."

Whenever I eat cereal, I try to look for the ones with less sugar, such as Cheerios. I put in blueberries and sometimes a couple of slices of banana. After eating, why am I still hungry? I crave for sweets and more food. That was why I was anxious to purchase Sensa. I wanted to stop my hunger.

People like me are undisciplined. No time to measure and count calories or points. I Just want to be knowledgeable to know portion control. Doctors say we should eat a portion, the size of our palm. That is the amount of what weight watchers give you. So why spend all that money on WW or Nutrisystem when you get the idea?

If it is difficult to get started for some, the best alternative is Weight Watchers. They will teach you how to eat and snack safely. The weight loss will come off slower because they give you bread, pasta, sodium, etc., and makes you count points. My way of eliminating the demons  all together which is the healthiest, safest, fastest, and cheapest way to get thin.

Researching further, I read that proper nutrients, when digested normally will not cause hunger. We get cravings because we are not getting enough nutrition.

Foods that contain high amounts of sodium cause the body to retain water and are also known to make you gain weight quickly. Some of these foods include salt, highly processed foods, canned goods and bacon. Fatty foods like cream-based soups, saturated fats and fatty meats also cause rapid weight gain. 

Bottom line, no need to spend money on diets. Drink a lot of water to curb your appetite. Just eliminate cakes, cookies, ice cream, candy, bread, PASTA, cheese and fat. Once the sweets get out of your system, your body won’t crave it. I promise you will get thin.  Within a month, come back to my web site and comment how well you did.

Oh well, guess I will have to eliminate Chinese food, as I loved their spare ribs, unless I order streamed food, which is not such a bad idea.

Now, I guess I will practice what I preached.  I will let you know next month if I lost weight.  I hope I do not disappoint myself with lack of will power and looking forward to hearing how you did as well..


Loretta said...

Iris, I just read your blog about the best diet.

Why I dont think it is the bet diet, is because of one word,
deprivation. No one can go their entire lives not eating a potato, a
piece of bread or some kind of carb. I am a diabetic, I have to have
carbs or I could pass out, when I first found out that I was diabetic,
I went on low carb and portion control and lost fifty pounds.
unfortunately the weight never went down from there, but I have
maintained my weight (fat) for ten years and have controlled my sugar by
portion controlling. To me, the best diet is a healthy diet and portion
control and having something every day so that I am not deprived.

If I felt deprived I would probably eat out the entire refrigerator. It
doesnt work for me.


Iris Shapiro said...

Loretta, Thanks for commenting. I agree with you.The thought of depriving myself will make me go for it more. However, there are other people who have tried everything. Portion control and fad diets. When they are unsuccessful they need to take drastic action to loose their obesity safely without drugs or surgery. It is the last resort like quitting cigaretts. Gradual withdrawal did not help me, I had to eliminate them from my life.

When I watched those thin people on TV it showed it worked for them, perhaps it could work for others.