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On September 3, 2009, I wrote my blog about Jaycee Dugard.  I was fascinated  over her kidnapping when she was just 11 years old.  A beautiful bright eyed child with blond hair and big white teeth appeared all over the news stands and poster boards.  When she was found after 18 years the whole world cheered.  I could not wait for the chance to see what she looked like as well as her children. Jaycee told her daughters Angel and Starlit what their father was really like when they were very upset that their father was in prison.

 The family and media protected  Jaycee and her girls for privacy.  They understood the  need for Terry Probyn, Jaycee's mother to get acquainted with her daughter and granddaughters..  Jaycee privacy was respected until such time as she was ready to tell her story.

Last night on the Diane Sawyer ABC's special edition of “Primetime”  I eagerly watched Jaycee Dugard.  Long waiting to see her for almost two years, I found her to be remarkable.  Her complexion was flawless, as she attributed that to her staying indoors most of the time she was held against her will..  Her teeth were as white as snow which amazed me because her captor never gave her medical or dental care even in childbirth.

 Looking at her beautiful face, I noticed her plumb figure which I attributed  to all the pasta, fast food and junk food she ate with lack of exercise. It was amazing to see her beauty especially after living in such filth. You can see the deplorable  pictures of how she lived on my blog posted in September 3, 2009

Jaycee spoke about how she was captured and prisoned in the dark shed in the back yard of Phillip Garrido's home. Scared and confused, she was very lonely with no one to talk to for quite awhile. She spoke of the rapes and how the repeated convicted rapist cried with remorse after each attack. Phillip Garrido tried to make Jaycee feel sympathetic towards him, asking for forgiveness.   However those rapes resulted in Jaycee giving birth to two daughters when she was 14 and 17, almost the age her daughters are now.

Although Jaycee had access to the Internet, telephone and outsiders while captive as a sex slave, we were all wondering why she never ran away or called her mother.  That was the most leading question asked by Diane Sawyer in the interview, "why didn't you run away?"

Jaycee's honest response was that Phillip Garrido told her the world outside was just as dirty as he, but more dangerous.  He made her believe she and her daughters were safer with him.  Jaycee felt shamed if confronted with her mother and wondered how she would react with her having his two children. .She further said that Garrido did not touch her again after her second daughter was born.  Jaycee was definitely brain washed and appeared to be a text book case of most captives. 

"How did you survive and cope with all that abuse", was Sawyer's question.  Jaycee said she did the best she could to survive and gathered scrap paper to write a journal of all her thoughts.  Little did she know that was the best therepy for anyone who either is being abused, disturbed or in mourning

For convicted sex offender Phillip Garrido, the man who has been charged with the kidnapping and rape of Jaycee, holding her captive and in squalor in his backyard for 18 years, has decided to plead not guilty.  That decision was after he previousely pleaded guilty. 

Garrido and his wife Nancy's attornies figured due to our judicial system the way it is,  I guess if O.J.  Simpson and Caysee Anthony could get away with murder, he surely would be free too.  After all they kept letting him free after several rapes in the past. 

There is always a definite message with each tragedy we read in the paper.  We must learn from it to protect our love ones,  I said this before in recent blogs.  Teach your kids to have a buddy system.  Do not let them walk alone to school or after school activities..The world is not  the way it was when we were kids.  Yes, we did have kidnappers then, and we did have predators.  Yes there were rapists and evil people.  But the reasons this world has changed are  due to the fact prisons let the crazy people  and the repeated rapists out early. In addition there are more drugs entering our country  now than ever before and our government chooses  does not have the financial means or the man power to police our safety as  they did years ago.

Jaycee Dugard's tell all book will be out tomorrow "A Stolen Life"  I intend to purchase a copy.

The book was about her memoirs during her captivity which ultimately kept her sane

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Lenonard said...

This story about repeated rapist, (2 rapes), is testimony to the flawed parol sytem. From the parol board to the parol officers.This guy raped 2 other women and was released into society to commit more crimes on the public. These people are supposed to protect us.