Saturday, July 16, 2011


Feeling the anguish and emotions of the acquittal of Casey Anthony, we became enchanted with the story of  Jaycee Dugard's  release from sexual imprisonment two years ago.  A sex slave for eighteen years, she now has her book published telling about her ordeal. "A Stolen Life"

How did that happen?  She was an innocent young eleven year old girl walking to school alone.  No doubt a car came by whereby a passenger might have asked for directions then grabbed her into the car. However Jaycee said it was a stun gun that made her paralyzed, making it easier for her captor to carry her into their car.

Now, just the other day, we read about another horror.  A little eight year old boy, a hasid with payos(side curls) was brutally murdered then chopped up in pieces.  His feet were found in the freezer of the murderer's attic  apartment in Brooklyn, New York.

The little boy was Leiby Kletzky who wanted to walk to day camp by himself. The little guy wanted to be independent.  His parents protested at first, then after constant persuasion, they reconsidered.  They practiced a few trial walks with the boy, making sure he was accustomed to the path of the day camp.  His parents were going to meet the young boy half way home.

Unfortunately the young boy got lost and asked a stranger, Levi Aron, an orthodox man who was driving a car for directions.  Little did he know that man was a sex maniac.  He took the boy to his home, smothered him with a towel, and chopped him up. Little Lelby, however, fought for his life like a man, clawing his attacker with all his might. 

Brooklyn has an excellent surveillancee system.  They have security cameras on every street light which is how they  caught Aron.  There is much more to this story about Aron and his reasons for killing the boy. However, my intention is not make this blog longer than it is but to simply send a message.

People, we must protect our children,  I know you want them to be street smart, you want them to be worldly and free to travel in their neighborhood independently.  But in this day and age we cannot do that.  We can tell our children not to talk to strangers, not to accept candy from strangers.  We can tell them if you are lost only to ask a lady with children, not a man.  We can tell them not to go near a car asking for directions.  Yes these warnings will help save your child.  However, when your child is lost, for example, they may panic, asking the very first person they see.  They may see a nice person in a car, asking for directions and your child may want to be helpful, forgetting your warnings.

But most important, your child needs a buddy system.  A buddy, friend, anyone to walk with him/her.  Teach your child never to walk alone especially going to school.  Going to school is a pattern where a predator or pedophile can watch the child knowing his exact route and timing, just like Jaycee Dugard.

In my humble opinion, a child of eight and older should know what might happen to them as gory as it sounds.  Some parents are afraid if you show graphics they may suffer emotionally or have nightmares.  As a grandmother who loves my grandchildren, I disagree with those who oppose.  It is very important to instill fear.  The fear will save their lives.

Your opinion in this matter will be important to all those who read this.

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