Monday, July 25, 2011


Most dogs have a very acute sense of smell. They can find their way back to their homes  from miles away. Humans do not have that sense. Dogs have the sense to know which person is safe to be with while others are not. They can sense a very bad or dangerous person as well. They know where you have a wound, or where you are hurting.  With proper training dogs can detect drugs, dead bodies, etc.

Dogs give us unconditional love and loyalty. All they require is to be loved and taken care of in return. We try to take every precaution when we are out in public to protect our little dog as well as others passing by.

Once a lady approached Mindy whereby I immediately warned her to step back.  She said she loves dogs and put her face close to our dog's face.  My heart stopped for a minute as I did not know how the outcome would be.  It was too late to pull the dog away as the lady was kissing Mindy face to face.  Mindy loved the lady and all went well.  However, I was filled with anxieties until the lady walked away.

Another time, I entered a Lexus dealership with my six pound Maltese dog. She was on a tight leash as I feared her jumping on anyone who came close. A middle aged salesman approached us wanting to pet Mindy. I asked him very nicely to step back, as my dog does not like strangers. Actually that was partly untrue. Mindy loves most people, licking them profusely. However, one in ten, she senses fear with a particular person wanting to snap. Therefore, to protect all concerned, not knowing how she would react to oncoming admirers, I always request those to step back warning she bites.
The salesman at the Lexus dealership also disregarded my warning, saying, "don't be silly, all dogs love me" and proceeded to approach my dog trying to pet her. Mindy snapped at him, leaving a black and blue mark on his hand. A security guard at the dealership came by to take a report. Within weeks, a lawyer's letter was issued, followed with a summons suing me for $5000 for negligence.

When a person is asked to step back and does not oblige, shouldn't that person be guilty? Yet my dog was, according to my insurance company. Perhaps if a man approaches a woman, wanting to touch her and she said "step back" and he doesn't, isn't that called abuse or assault. It is a shame that dogs have no rights to protect them and their owners. Their only rights are animal cruelty.

Recently we had Mindy fixed hoping when she approaches people her  nervous sense would diminish a little, calming her down to those she sensed fear.  It saddened me, however,  for my fear was that she would loose some of her personality and her remarkable sense in people.  Time will tell.


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Love reading your articles. You should put them together and get them published. They are so interesting and well written. Dottie