Tuesday, April 11, 2017


One late evening, I recently got spooked out of my mind. For the past sixteen years I have always enjoyed sitting at my glass dinette table researching on my lap top computer. A week earlier I remember getting interrupted by my religious young aunt, reminding me to light a Yahrtzeit candle for my mother. It was the anniversary of her passing.

It was just last week while typing, my glass top slid off the table base as though someone pushed it off.  The glass naturally crashed on the floor leaving tons of broken glass everywhere. My computer and vase fell on top of the glass, miraculously leaving both unbroken.

Flabbergasted, I could not figure how that could happen.  I knew my glass top was a little unsteady lately but it was impossible for a heavy glass top to just push its way off the base and crash. For the past years we applied cyclone disks under the glass which usually worked well, but noticed it had not worked well for months 

It took hours of picking up the glass, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping.  We took out another heavy round glass top from the garage which we luckily saved from another piece of furniture and placed it on the table base. The following day, I attempted to continue working on my computer at the same table when I noticed the glass, in slow motion, sliding off the table falling on to the floor again. At that point, how do I tell my husband who was happily enjoying himself at the gym what had occurred. “Guess what”, I said. “You’re never going to believe this”.

To my astonishment, the glass did not break nor chip.  My computer and vase was unharmed. Should I have remembered to buy that Yahrzeit candle for my mother?  Was she angry with me?  Was her spirit talking to me?  Do Spirts really exist? Crazy things were going in my mind. 

The following day it dawned on me what might have happened.  I recently hired a cleaning lady who is marvelous.   I watched her pick up the heavy glass to shine it.  I did not know where this little young  woman got her  strength.  She also polished the steel base with furniture polishl to shine and preserve it.  It never occurred to me that she lifted the glass much higher to shine the top of the base.  That was why the cyclone disks did not stuck on the glass and the oil caused the slippery glass to move

To satisfy my theory, I used ammonia on top of the base and glass, washing and wiping them thoroughly.  After placing the glass top on the base, we found it difficult to move.  When I heard a squeak, it meant it no longer was slippery.  Did this mean it may be the end of my Spirit theory?



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