Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to enjoy the experience of becoming a producer and director of a show.  As a young child most little girls like me dreamed of acting and becoming an Oscar winner. As I matured and continued my adult life, those dreams totally faded away.

Living in an active adult community in Florida,  I was a bystander enjoying other leaders of the community creating entertainment and improving our community. I’ve complained and applauded various events like most of our residents. It never dawned on me that I too would make a small contribution.

Joining our entertainment committee fascinated me and I loved going to the Show Cases.  Taking part of a vote to decide which entertainers would best be enjoyed by our residents gave me a sense of importance.

Hardly volunteering in anything worthwhile other than setting up tables before an event, a question was asked by our co chair lady of our committee.  “What can we give back to the community that will cost nothing and yet be entertaining?”

Looking around the room, with no hands raised, I suggested a Talent Show.  “Let’s see who comes out of the woodwork that has talent.” Our co chairs were not receptive at first, as they believed in professional talent. Due to our democratic process in our committee, a vote was taken and it was decided we have one. I was picked to run it since it was my idea. “This was going to be a piece of cake.” I thought.

To my disappointment not too many people came forward from our flyers.  Calling many folks whom I knew had talent, just seemed it was not the right time to perform.  Therefore I decided to make up my own skits, researching on line. They included music and dancing.  The problem with dancing was we had to use our arms, and legs together with our hips.  One complained it was difficult to raise one arm, while the other complained their other arm was difficult. Bending was out and so were cartwheels.

We chuckled about our bodies not being able to do what we used to do and tried our best to move the parts that still work.

Meanwhile people took bets we would not have enough time for a show, as we began two months prior to the opening with only three good performers signed on.. It took only one month to rehearse the dances plus more performers stepped up to the plate. During those few weeks, the performers each had their own agendas at separate times and were missing for full rehearsals. But in the end they did great

Producing and directing the show, which I loved, brought back memories of my earlier years. I created beautiful jewelry which was loved by all the buyers in department stores and boutiques across the county. My mind was active again and I felt very alive.



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