Friday, March 2, 2012


Hello folks

It has been awhile since my last post.  I guess I had writer's block for awhile.  I really shouldn't because there are so many disturbing things going on around us. 

First we are concerned with the elections trying to figure out who the best man for the Presidency is, or which party will help our country better. Our opinions vary from which media we gravitate to.  It is always best to listen to both sides.  I have noticed, however when speaking to some Democrats, they get very annoyed if we oppose their views, and offer our own.  Their minds have been made up since Obama came into office.  They have no doubt on Mr Obama's citizenship, nationality or the laws of our constitution.  Yet most are very intelligent people who are avid readers of fiction and non fiction novels.  When Mr. Obama speaks, his words go through our hearts.  He appears  very down to earth and the people love him for his carisma and his speeches.

On the other hand, he makes some of us very nervous, dubious,and  suspicious.  Most of us know that according to demographics, the Moslems will be dominate in our country and the world soon.  Some of us think it wont happen in our life time.  But it will happen in our children and grandchildren's

It started in England, and France whereby those countries are having a hard time controlling their own land.  I believe Obama is starting the first stage in changing our country

The problem with our politicians is perhaps the money and power they possess gave them the right to promiscuity. This is nothing new as we all know this went back centuries.  Thus, we cannot find a flawless candidate to run our country. Does that mean we have to manufacture one by home schooling him/her, perhaps find him born in another country where no one knows too much about his background. And when we do find that his background it is not like ours, we forgive it because his actions in the past were flawless thus far.

Gingrich said it best in one of his debates.  He said, "if you are going to look at every negative thing about a particular candidate, you wont find a good talented and experience man to run our country"  We have had many good presidents who were more promiscuious than a couple of candidates that were running.  Their actions did not hurt our country.

If we needed a heart surgeon, wouldn't we want to go to the the most experienced?  Or the one who has  good  bed side manner?  If we needed a lawyer, wouldn't we want the best? The speeches we hearsd from Obama and other candidates were written by speech writers.  They all tell us what we want to hear.  I would rather go with the candidate that proved himself

Our country is very delicate right now.  We need a talented, experienced politician who has been around in government for years, who admits the mistakes they and their other parties have made, learn from them and go on to make our country great again.







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