Saturday, March 31, 2012


Once upon a time there were three eggs in a nest, making a home in our planter which hung on our patio wall.  Unfortunately we only noticed two chicks a few days later.  Wondering what happened to the third was a mystery.  We assumed the third egg did not hatch.

Every day we watched the two chicks  grow with amazement.  Their development grows much faster than any living thing we know.

The most interesting of all was watching the mother and father bird taking care of their chicks in the nest.  The birds felt relaxed with us as we peered into it occasionally.  They were also relaxed when we moved them to another spot when the painters were working outside our house.

During the move, we noticed one chick missing. Feeling devistated,  we wondered what happened.  I thought the mother bird tried to move the chick one at a time to a safer more quieter nest due to all the noise from the painters and power washers. Later we found the dead chick on the floor.  Perhaps the mother bird accidentally dropped the chick in transport.

The mother and father bird tried to communicate with us by flying over the empty wall and by walking on the ground near the original place where the nest was.  We replaced the nest a couple of days later when the painters were finished.  Within a few minutes of its return, the mother bird flew to the planter, looked in on her chick and jumped in beside it.  The father bird followed and joined his family.

The tree in the rear of our patio was filled with many singing birds, assuming they were all family. The baby chick was starting to look like a small bird and eventually flew away.  Wondering if it would ever return to the empty nest, we later beamed with joy when it did.  We know it is only time when our little guests will soon leave us for good

The most surprising of all, and the conclusion to my story, was the day we noticed another chick in the nest.  That chick was from the third egg.  We had no idea where the mother bird hid it all that time.

Can anyone explain it?

It was wonderful watching the baby birds fly in and out of their nest.  The whole family stayed together until the new set of eggs appeared in the nest.  It looked like the mama and papa birds were trying to make another nest on the other side of the planter to make room for their family. It was beautiful the way the birds only trusted us to take their pictures and to visit them. 

Being hostess one Passover evening, I brought our guests to view the nest.  The birds immediately flew away leaving two eggs behind.  A week or two later we noticed one egg missing. We wonder where it went.  The birds never returned again.  Feeling very sad and missing them, I wonder if they will forgive me and return home.

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