Saturday, May 2, 2015


Today most of us are more savvy in keeping our bodies healthy by exercising and eating the right foods.  We listen to our doctors about which vitamins to take and how much water to drink.

The other day, my husband asked me to return his vitamin B12 to the store where he purchased it.  Asking why, he showed me an article he read that came in our mail condemning Vitamin B12 because it contained cyanide. “That’s ridiculous,” I said. “They would not allow poison in vitamins.”  He showed me the article and told me the label did not show cyanide.  He immediately called the company that had the phone number on the label. He asked if the vitamin contained cyanide.  The answer was YES.  It was clearly on the label, but it was called Cyanocobalamin.

Since I love researching, I came across a blog written by Dr. D’Adamo who wrote there is a small amount of cyanide molecule which does not come from plants or animals.  It is chemically synthesized in other vitamins as well. He said although very small, the body needs to get rid of it by detoxification with glutathione.  It must get rid of the body. 

Well, this sound very complicated to me.  Why bother?  I read elsewhere that some people cannot handle Cyanocobalamin as it upsets their nervous system among other bad symptoms.

He suggested Methylcobalamin for your liver, brain and nervous system.  It is also good for vision and helps with sleep problems, while Cyanocobalamin  is ineffective.  For those who are unaware as I was, a potential deficiency of B 12 include; numbness, tingling, loss of feeling sensation, burning sensation, muscle cramps, nerve pain and slowness of reflexes

We are drinking & bathing chlorine.  We are warned not to consume rice too often and to eat in small doses due to the arsenic it contains.  The government has warned us to consume rice in small portions and infrequently.  Presently, they have a research team investigating whether arsenic comes from rain water or the soil. We just have to be careful about toxic chemicals that go into our children and grandchildren, as well as ourselves.

We all have to be smart for our health.  Our bodies, if we listen, tell us why we do not feel well.  We just have to look further.  My feeling is, and it is just my humble opinion; our world is not as safe as we would like.  We distrust where we get our foods and medicine, and unfortunately I distrust vitamins.  I do not know where they come from, where they are packaged, and I worry about mistakes made in the labs. And, it if contains a little cyanide.. Well I am not taking a chance.  I will look for alternatives.


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