Saturday, December 11, 2010


One day my friend and her husband heard a radio commercial about free testing for dementia in their town. Since we both recently lost a dear friend who suffered from Alzheimer's and having other friends with similar problems, they wanted to know more about it.

Most seniors think about the subject because as we age our memory decreases. Some people might have slight problems with long or short term memory. We all laugh about it though as part of the aging process and we tell each other not to worry about it because it happens to all of us.

When seniors in Florida hear something is free, they line up at the door. So did my friend's husband. He made the appointment because he occasionally forgets names as we all do at times.

After giving some information over the phone to the clinic he was asked to have his wife accompany him for further questioning regarding his health. Thinking that odd, since they were not administering drugs, his wife went with him anyway.

While waiting for the doctor, she asked if she could take the free test too. God for bid she should miss something free.  The office did not think there would be enough time for the both of them since she did not have an appointment.  However they did squeeze her in with her husband after waiting for awhile. The waiting room surprisingly was filled with young adults as well as elderly seniors.

Questions were asked such as; what day was it that day, what town did she live in, simple stuff that was answered without thinking. Then she told her to remember three things. Apple, Table and Pencil. "No problem" she thought.  The interviewer made her copy a couple of triangles with pencil and paper which my friend said did well.

They chated for awhile and returned to the three things she asked her to remember. It's such a simple question she thought, but could only remember the Table.

Meeting her husband back in the waiting room he asked how she did. My friend was a little concerned when she told him she did not do too well because she could not remember those two other simple items. "Don't worry about that, it's no big deal." her husband lovingly said.

One of the doctors came into the waiting room introducing himself shaking their hands. He was a big broad man with white balding hair and a very red face. She figured it was too cold that week in December to get a sun burn on the beach, therefore he must have been a drinker. He was a very nice and friendly man, making them feel ar ease.

The doctor escorted them to his small office. They all sat down and he proceeded to take notes asking how she was with names. She told him she was terrible with that as it gets very embarrassing when introducing people especially those who are close

As the doctor was asking questions and taking notes, it appeared he was repeating the same questions over and over. When reminding him he had already asked those, he replied, "Oh yes, that's right, where were we, let's see?" He apologized and said he will now give her another test by telling her a story that she would have to remember later. But there was a long pause of silence as he was shaking his head. It appeared he forgot what the story was about.

Bewildered, the couple looked at each other not knowing what was going on. At first they thought the doctor was playing a joke on them.  The doctor was embarrassed again. He made such a fuss about not remembering the story.

My friend started to console him and suggested he tell a different one. He apologized again, with his face getting redder, "listen, I am not stupid, I have medical books on the shelves of my office, I went to college" At that point he was resting his head on the desk saying "please do not tell them in the front that I have a memory problem because they will fire me"

"What is this a joke?" she laughed, wiping the tears from her eyes. Her husband and my friend were hysterical. "Where is the candid camera?"she thought, as her eyes glanced around the office."Are they making a movie for Larry David?" Her story reminded me of the funny scene with Tim Conway and Harvey Korman from the Carol Burnett show "The Dentist" Watch the video below.

to be continued next week........


T said...

Can't wait to read the end of this one!

Leonard said...

This reminds me the time I was walking on Broadway & 48th street and saw a guy just standing on the sidewalk holding an open suitecase with all the cloths on the ground. Everyone was just walking by turning and looking. I walked past and came back sure enough it was Alan Funt from Candid camera. Are your friends going to be on TV soon?

Ann said...

the video was funny