Monday, January 4, 2010


Face book is a great place to find old friends and acquaintances.  If you want to be found, that is.  Old classmates found me, however some were not recognizable until I went into my year book.

Sometimes I reflect back to when neighboring children played with our children in our yard.  Wondering what they look like today caught my curiosity.  As I typed their name in the search box, I anxiously waited to see their picture. "Could this be, the cute little girl with the big brown eyes that dominated her little face?" My, she is a grown woman, looking completely different today.  I never would have recognized her.  Yet others maintained the same face, only they are older and a little heavier than when they were children.  It was thrilling looking into their friends pictures seeing how much they have grown with children of their own.

What is more amazing was a name I recognized from my community address book.  It was quite unusual and one that would be remembered.  When glancing on Face book, I noticed my cousin married a woman with the same maiden name as my neighbor.  After emailing both, neither knew each other.  But a little while later both were face book friends.  Is that called a Shidoch? (Yiddish)

I have become a little addicted as I am with my emails.  I enjoy going into my home page to read about our grandchildren, if they are having a good day, or what ever is on their mind.  It keeps me up to speed on what they are thinking.  Once when speaking with my daughter on the phone, we chatted for hours.  Yet on Face book she spoke of things she forgot to tell me.  How wonderful is that!

Yet other news of my Face book friends can be eliminated if the content annoys me, yet they will still remain on my friend list. It has never been that bad where I had to block anyone.

There is still one more person to find.  An old neighbor and friend since childhood and one whom I loved.  Her name is Gloria Kaufman, an alumni  of Berkeley and I would like to know if she is okay.

Do you have any interesting stories about your Face book experiences?  Are you looking for someone too? Please comment below.
More about Face book and the most sorrowful and alarming news I have yet to report in my next issue.

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