Sunday, January 10, 2010


While surfing Face book, I recognized a son of a neighbor of ours whom we have not seen in forty five years. How thrilling to see this once young kid, now a middle aged man with teenage children.

It has been years since we have seen our old neighbors from our first house on Long Island.  We always wondered why we never ran into any of them in all the years when we traveled.

Thinking it was time to connect, I invited his mother to our home to reacquaint each other and  catch up with all the years missed. She told me her husband had a stroke years ago and was recently admitted into a nursing home for life.  To my horror, after asking about old friends and neighbors, I was told that each member of most of the houses on our street passed away from cancer.  A couple of people died from heart attacks. Three family members who lived directly across the street from where we lived, died from brain tumors.  Someone who lived in our house died of cancer as well.

The news saddend me wondering  "why?"  I suspected the reason but who was I to predict something like this would happen to each member of a household?

We lived in a community near Kennedy Airport.  Our view was awesome, over looking Jamaica Bay.  In the evening the airport lit up magnificently.  At first we did not notice the noise and fumes from the planes flying so low over our houses.  We were busy making friends, decorating our homes, bringing up our little children and enjoying our new community.

 Then our sleepless nights occurred often when the noise awoke us. Listening to TV was difficult  Our picture frames were always crooked and the house vibrated as well.  I remember watching our little kids running out of the house to play, holding their ears as the plane flew over them.  It appeared we lived in a flight pattern where the planes flew over several times during the day and evening.

Our son became ill with asthma as soon as we moved in at the age of three.  Medications did not help and he was put on a strict diet.  It took a few years to sell our home and I can see now, we got out with our lives.

As soon as we moved up state, with no planes in sight, my son never had another asthma attack until our furniture arrived from storage.  I washed everything down well and polished all the wood.  He has been fine since and is doing well as a young 48 year old.

Still sadness lingers over the news. I researched Google and learned it was definitely confirmed by many studies, living close to airports causes cancer, heart diseases, strokes as well as other conditions.  It seems the noise does something to the immune system of the body. It affects people differently.  However, fumes from the planes are definitely the cause of cancer.

Researchers who have done studies say, people who live near the airports should get out as fast as they can before it's too late.

This is an example of how low  planes fly over the houses near airports.
This is how we lived for eight years

Do you know anyone living near the airport?
What are your thoughts in this study?
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