Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Looking at her picture on the cover of People magazine was amazing.  She is beautiful. She looks just like her beautiful mother when  she was first kidnapped. Her mother was on National TV pleading the return of her daughter.

I have longed to see how Jaycee and her daughters look today.  Finally we get a chance to see her.. I cannot wait to buy the next issue of People magazine this Friday.  I hope to see more pictures of Jaycee and her daughters, and to read more about her experience. See her recent picture below.

Dugard, now 29, tells People magazine she's "so happy to be back with my family" after being reunited Aug. 27. People published the photo and comments from Dugard in its Wednesday issue.
Dugard is living with her mother, Terry Probyn, 50, and two daughters — Angel, 15, and Starlit, 11 — fathered by her alleged kidnapper, Phillip Garrido. Authorities say Dugard and her daughters lived in a hidden encampment of sheds and tents in Garrido's backyard.
Garrido and his wife, Nancy, have been charged with kidnapping and rape in Dugard's 1991 disappearance outside her South Lake Tahoe home. The Garridos have pleaded not guilty.
Family spokeswoman Erika Shulte told NBC's "Today" show on Wednesday that Dugard decided to release photos to People magazine as a way to "share her joy with the world" and show how well she's doing.
Shulte said Dugard has formed a very close bond with her sister, Shana, who was just a baby when Dugard was kidnapped. Dugard, her two daughters, mother and sister are close, comfortable and happy and says they "seem like any other family."
Dugard told People she rides horses, cooks meals and is thinking of collaborating on a book.

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I need your opinion. Here is a beautiful young woman. She had access to the telephone, internet, neighbors and business clients. She knew she had a family and I am sure she knew where she lived. Why didn't she escape or at least call home?

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