Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Shopping at Costco last week was an unbelievable experience.  Among my purchases was a ready made barbequed chicken which was no where to be found . Unaware that I left it behind, I realized it missing when I was about to prepare my dinner for the evening.  After looking in my refrigerator, and the trunk of my car, I asked my husband if he saw it. He told me that if I do not find it soon, the chicken will find me.  (the odor)

I called the manager of Costco and complained my chicken was missing from my groceries.  He told me that a chicken was left in a wagon in the parking lot and someone returned it to the store.  I explained that it never happened to me before as I was always careful not to leave anything behind,  I have heard that people accidentally leave their purses behind because they leave it in the wagon when they shop. I never thought that I would be the one to leave food behind.

"Don't worry," the manager said.  "Just come in with your receipt and we will give you a new chicken."  What a wonderful store Costco is.  I just love shopping there.

That evening I looked for my receipt and could not find it.  I am usually very good with keeping my receipts.  Perhaps this is a comedy of errors. I called Costco the next day and explained my mysterious receipt was missing.  "That's okay" he said, "just come to the counter by the hot dog stand, and we will honor you with another chicken.  Just bring in your Costco card."

The following day Florida had its first cold spell. It was very much welcomed as the hot season in Florida was starting to get on my nerves.  I dressed in my new warm red velour outfit and drove back to Costco.  Here is the experience that exasperated me.

I took the wagon before entering the store as I intended to purchase a few more things.  No one goes to Costco for just one thing.  I noticed the store was mobbed with people.  I guess the snowbirds  finally arrived.   I went to the desk where the manager told me to go.  A nice lady asked for my Costco card and said "are you going to buy anything else?"  I should have answered no and just have gotten a credit, but I did say I wanted another chicken. "Go to the register when you finish shopping" she said.  "Just tell the cashier that you do not have to pay for it and to have her wave to me. I will approve it."  I thought that was a little odd because they usually give a credit or cash and be done with it.  It seemed like such a hassle, I thought.

When my shopping was complete, I went to the register and told the cashier  I was not to pay for the chicken and to please wave to the lady at the desk. "HEY, CATHY" he yelled out loud. "This lady  in red says she don't want to pay for the chicken." I did not say that to him in that way and I became embarrassed because there was a line behind me "Let
the lady in red go, she does not have to pay for the chicken," she yelled back.  I was really getting upset because of spectacle that was being created.  Just as I left the cashier I heard the lady say on her loud speaker to the guy who checks out the receipts before customers are allowed to leave the store, which is standard procedure "The lady in red did not pay for the chicken,  let her go."  The young man with his magic marker in his hand was goofing off with the person in front of me and did not pay attention to the loud speaker. He carefully checked my items and noticed one chicken was not paid for. "Hey lady," he said "you did not pay for the chicken."  I answered,  "If you were not goofing off, you would have heard her tell you on the loud speaker that I did not have to pay for it." At that point, he picked up his microphone and announced "Hey Cathy, there is a lady here in red that did not pay for the chicken." Then the voice over the loud speaker said "Let the lady in red go.  She does not have to pay for the chicken." By the time I got into my car I was so embarrassed I wanted to cry,  I never experienced anything like it.  I do not think I will ever complain to Costco again for missing items, and I will never shop in red.

 At the time I did not think it was funny until I told my friends who were rolling on the floor with laughter.  ROFL

Did this ever happen to you?


joseph said...

I can relate to your story, due to an experience I had, about 30 years ago. I was going through my weekly ritual of bringing my son back to his mother, after a "divorced daddy" visitation period. Like all young children, in divorce situations, he was driving me nuts, as we walked to my car, with me carrying suitcases filled with his toys and a portable T.V., which also had "visitation" with me. Upon arriving at the car,I put down the burdens of divorce visitation, on the sidewalk, next to the trunk of my car, and then settled my son into the car, for the trip. I then walked around the FRONT of the car, and got behind the wheel, eager to get him to his mother, so I could regain my sanity.

Upon arriving at his mother's, I opened the trunk, only to discover that it was EMPTY! I rushed back to the parking spot near MY house, hoping against hope that the luggage might still be there, and doing mental calculations about what it would cost me to replace all that stuff, if it was not there. Naturally, it was NOT there, but something told me to ring the bell of the house behind the parking space. And miracle of miracles, the people living there had been looking out their window, due to the loud noise made by my son and myself, and had witnessed me driving off without the luggage, and had taken it into their home for safe-keeping, knowing that I would be returning. It gave me a good feeling about human nature, something which divorced daddys tend to lose. Thanks for your funny story.
Joe Salowitz

Iris said...

Joseph, that story was so funny. I visualized watching this on TV. With the stress of screaming kids, is it a wonder we do what we do? Thanks so much for sharing.

helwoska said...

You told your story as if I were watching it on "America's Funniest Home Videos". All I could do was picture you in that red outfit and everyone looking at you. Too bad it was not taped. I was laughing my a** off.

Justin said...

Thats a pretty funny story gummy, I was pretty much rolling on the floor.