Friday, September 11, 2009


Washington, DC ACORN Video: Child Prostitution Investigation
by James O'Keefe

And then, we drove down to DC…

The scenario we posed the ACORN Housing employees in Baltimore is due to the application of similar power tactics. We gave ACORN a taste of its own medicine. ACORN was alleged to be thug-like, criminal, and nefarious. This criminal behavior was evidenced by a video of Baltimore ACORN community organizers breaking the locks on foreclosed homes. Instead of railing against their radicalism, it is best to bring out this type of radicalism. Hannah Giles and I took advantage of ACORN’s regard for thug criminality by posing the most ridiculous criminal scenario we could think of and seeing if they would comply–which they did without hesitation.

Additionally, instead of focusing on foreclosure itself, which has become seemingly as politicized as abortion, we focused on crimes more difficult for the left to defend: trafficking of young helpless girls and tax evasion. The first group represents the severely disadvantaged, the second a threat to the distribution of wealth.

While manipulation or entrapment occurs when people are encouraged to do things they otherwise wouldn’t, the pre-set trap is their own. These tactics allow the viewer to see ACORN’s soul; their playing field and their morality, out in the open. Their system is based on conflict and change for its own sake. This system is based on totalitarian principles and class war techniques. These people understand pressure, power and self-interest. When the Baltimore employees saw we were shady dealers, their instincts clicked in, as we were prime recruits.

ACORN has ascended. They elect our politicians and receive billions in tax money. Their world is a revolutionary, socialistic, atheistic world, where all means are justifiable. And they create chaos, again, for it’s own sake. It is time for us to be studying and applying their tactics, many of which are ideologically neutral. It is time, as Hannah said as we walked out of the ACORN facility, for conservative activists to “create chaos for glory.”


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Leonard Shapiro said...

What happened in Baltimore by the employees of Acorn was not illegal because it was not acted on. But it shows the character of the people and the organization. Acorn has already received $50 million over the years and is in line to receive another $8 Billion in stimulus money. "Billion with a B".

Acorn is under indictment in 17 states for voter fraud. They were instrumental in helping Obama get elected. The State of Louisiana is investigating them at there headquarters to see what happened to the e first $50 million as they won't open there books. Congress asked John Conniers to investigate these people. At first he agreed than backed off saying the Powers to be don't want them investigated. Mr. Obama said we should judge him by the people he associates with. " Hello"