Sunday, January 9, 2011


It's January 2011, a time for people to get excited about the new year, a new start, and new opportunities. So what's in store for you?

We take stock in our lives as to where we have been and where we are going. Were we happy, did we accomplish what we wanted, did we make others happy?  Were we productive? Did we make enough income to support our families?

Some of us PUSH THE WHEEL. We work very hard at our jobs, sometimes long hours feeling unfulfilled.  Are we making enough money for the time and work we put in? Does our employer appreciate our efforts? is this what I want to do the rest of my life?  Do we want to continue working long hours and have less time to enjoy family?

Are we so busy fulfilling the needs of our adult children and grandchildren that we realize we have little time to enjoy our lives?

And students; are they working  hard at their studies?  Do they see little success in their grades?

All of us are PUSHING THE WHEEL doing whatever we have to every day of every week.  We have to ask ourselves, is it time to get off the wheel?  There are many fortunate people who have pushed the wheel and have seen success and are truly happy.  In that case, stay on the wheel and keep pushing.

Hopefully the job market will open up in 2011 to make it easier for those to get off the wheel and try something else.  Another wheel may roll down the path to a better life.  Perhaps invent another path to push the wheel and help the economy in doing so.  This is the time to start doing something you dreamed about before it is too late.

The college student who works hard without success, should evaluate his situation and realize it is not because of him/her, it is because they are on the wrong wheel.  Get off that wheel and change your major.  I have a cousin who was on probation in college and was given another semester or he would be out.  He changed his major and became a world renowned success.

If you are unhappy with your lifestyle, routine, work, whatever, this is the time to try another direction. The wheel is what you are pushing.  Get off!

Lets hope for a better economy and more jobs.

Good luck!

Would love to hear about your work or school experience.  If you wish to comment below, please do so

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